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Previously, FlightMaestro found the most solid hint yet as to the details of Singapore Airlines’ new and highly secretive Suites first class (quite typical of any Singapore Airlines’ product release), to be debuted on the A380 in October this year.

I’d recommend reading my post on the new Suites, however in summary it does appear Singapore has relocated the Suites cabin to the upper deck, with each Suite rumoured to be much larger than the current seats, however featuring a decreased number of suites (this doesn’t bode well for those of us hoping to catch a ride with miles).

Well, per AusBT, it looks as though Singapore may have shown its hand. A test layout uploaded to their website shows 6 suites in a 1-1 configuration on the upper deck. Whilst this is far from confirmed, such a layout indicates a single aisle (currently only seen on Etihad A380s) and much larger Suites.


Singapore Airlines’ potential new Suites cabin?

The bathrooms for first class are indicated as being at the front of the cabins. Whilst Singapore Airlines has confirmed they have no intention of installing showers (which is neither a loss or surprise – passenger feedback through our data at indicates there is no real correlation between having showers available on-board and increased customer satisfaction), the bathrooms should be much larger than their current incarnation on the lower deck. This is a great improvement, if true, as Singapore’s existing first class bathrooms are not as well appointed as its competitors such as Emirates, Etihad and Lufthansa.

As yet, there has been no hint as to the rumoured on-board lounge Singapore was exploring previously.

With many airline’s downsizing or removing entirely first class, Singapore’s move to the 1-1 layout on the upper deck for first class derivatives is a huge endorsement of the setup and first class itself, and could convince other A380 operators of the economic viability of keeping the super premium cabins. There is still a place for First class in most full-service business models, and the new preference for 1-1 layouts, with increased amenities shared amongst fewer passengers, could prove the cabin’s saviour.

With Emirates due to release their own redesigned First class cabins this year, don’t be surprised to see more airlines choosing this new layout for their A380s.

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