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Your phone is about to change the way you fly

Existing IFE systems are going to become legacy sooner rather than later.

Virgin Australia shakes up Melbourne to LAX

Competition just got fierce with this curve ball from Virgin Australia

Cathay Pacific confirms move to 10-abreast in Economy

Premium (?) carrier Cathay Pacific is putting the squeeze on its customers and brand equity

What has Qatar Airways’ CEO said now?

Another day, another outburst. But are his claims about Economy Class true?

British Airways moves to 10-abreast B777

With the squeeze now being emphatically applied to the Economy Class passenger, has BA completed its transformation to Low Cost Carrier?

Review: London – USA in Economy Class

A route often described as uninspired with indifferent service. A choice comparable with Russian Roulette. But this isn’t the case anymore.

Qantas releases awaited B787 layout

A gorgeous aircraft, but its what’s on the inside that counts.

A recap to date

We’ve gone through our purpose, our methodology and our first review. Now we are looking at what is coming up next.

Review: London – UAE in Economy Class

This route is high-volume and almost comically competitive, but do they stack up in Economy Class?